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VOLUME 2 • NUMBER 4 • April 2016

Seniors and Finding a Sense of Purpose

Like all humans, older adults have physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. One of the most important spiritual needs is the need for a sense of meaning or purpose. While people of all ages greatly benefit from finding purpose in life, seniors in particular might find that purpose driven living can lead to a healthy, happy, and satisfying life. Having a sense of purpose is an excellent way for seniors to get more mental and physical stimulation, socialize with others, and contribute to their communities

Here are a few tips for seniors on finding a sense of purpose in the golden years of life:

  • Search for volunteer opportunities that utilize your talents
  • Start a second career with an adjusted workload
  • Take a class, attend a conference, or join a discussion group
  • Share your knowledge and skills with someone younger
  • Record your memories and share your story
  • Nurture relationships with friends and family

A Message from Dr. Marco
Dr. Noah Marco, Chief Medical Officer
When older adults are purpose-driven, they are fostering a sense of life satisfaction, enhancing their cognitive ability, and promoting health and wellness. Evidence suggests that people who choose to live purposeful lives take better care of their health by getting routine screenings and seeking preventative care. Studies have also shown individuals with a high sense of purpose are more likely to be dementia free, more resistant to the effects of Alzheimer's disease, have a reduced risk of stroke and heart attack, and are more likely to live longer than people with a low sense of purpose. This month, make the simple decision to lead a life full of purpose and passion and you will add years to life and life to years.

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