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Different Only in Years
Making the Journey from Memory to Blessing
Senior Sweethearts:
Evelyn and Yosef
Dear Supporter of the Jewish Home,

Love and friendship are in the air at the Jewish Home! As we come up on Sweetheart's Day, I am reminded once again what a special place this is for seniors looking for community, companionship, and even romance.

At the Jewish Home, we do more than provide compassionate, high-quality care — we also bring people together, forging strong bonds to sustain seniors and enrich their everyday lives. Fifty percent of our residents come to the Home due to loneliness. We are thrilled to offer them vibrant and lasting connections with peers who often become like family.

In this issue of Jewish Home e-Connections, we explore these growing relationships in an article on romance at any age. We also reveal tips from one of our residents about what they like to talk about and do when loved ones drop by to see them. On a separate note, we profile our most recent Skirball Hospice memorial event, which celebrates the lives of hospice patients over the past year.

Being social is a vital part of healthy aging. There are other critical components, as well, including having the dedicated care your investment in the Jewish Home provides. Our seniors are indeed fortunate to have your support. We are blessed by your wonderful partnership and by your willingness to extend your hands to those in need.

I hope you enjoy reading the following articles and that this month brings you and yours all the love, warmth and friendship you deserve. On behalf of everyone at the Jewish Home, I thank you for sharing yours with us.

With best wishes,

Molly Forrest

Different Only in Years Making the Journey from Memory to Blessing
Jewish Home resident David Moss, age 91, observes that much research is underway these days regarding "what the elderly need and want." Interviews, seminars, scholarly papers, studies on the federal, state and local levels, task forces,  Read more » On Sunday, February 28, 2016, the Jewish Home's Skirball Hospice will hold its annual memorial for the families of patients who received services during the past year. The memorial will take place at the Skirball Cultural Center.  Read more »

Senior Sweethearts: Evelyn and Yosef
At the Home, love is in bloom! Evelyn Selbert and Yosef Malin — age 85 and 86 respectively — are just two of the many seniors who are experiencing a budding romance at the Jewish Home. After Yosef noticed Evelyn at an on-campus event late last year, he realized a crush was forming. He mentioned his feelings to mutual friend Michal Robins who later  Read more »
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