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VOLUME 1 • NUMBER 3 • December 2015

Goals and Seniors

The start of a New Year is a promising time when many individuals feel inspired to renew, refresh, and refocus. During this season, it is customary for people from all walks of life to reflect on their goals as well as the progress they have made towards reaching them in the past year. As you prepare for the New Year, consider how the following resolutions can help you move closer towards being your best self.

  • Increase flexibility and strengthen the body with stretching, walking, yoga, and T'ai Chi.
  • Sleep is essential for weight regulation and memory retention. Aim for 8 hours each night.
  • Stay hydrated. Our bodies need water to process nutrients and waste efficiently.


  • Keep your brain strong and healthy by learning a new skill or language.
  • Make an effort to have more cultural experiences and your mind will thank you.
  • Give yourself a break by staying away from electronics for just a few hours each day.


  • Enhance your mood, memory, concentration, and creativity with 15 minutes of meditation each day.
  • Nurture relationships with friends and family by writing a nice note or picking up the phone.
  • Enjoy some me time. Write a journal entry, draw a bath, or take a walk by yourself.

A Message from Dr. Marco
Dr. Noah Marco, Chief Medical Officer
The time-honored tradition of making New Year's resolutions is a poignant and meaningful ritual that billions of people join in each year. While individuals of all ages can benefit from this longstanding activity, seniors often experience a few added advantages. When aging adults participate in the creation of New Year's resolutions, they are able to enjoy a greater sense of purpose, increased levels of positivity, and the feeling of being more connected with the community as a whole. This activity also reinforces a senior's sense of power and control over his/her life and helps to maintain the idea that there are more happy and healthy days to come.

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